How to pick your perfect wedding band ?

How to pick your perfect wedding band ?

Shop Early

Give yourselves at least three months to shop for wedding bands before the big date.  This gives you time to look around, research styles and prices and revisit rings that catch both of your eyes.  If both of you want one of a kind wedding bands, you will probably need more time to make them as well as engravings.


What precious metals do we like? Colour?

Do you like white, yellow or even rose colour? What metal to choose, gold or platinum?  Traditionally, yellow gold is a good choice for future grooms and bride to be but white gold has become a modern choice.  White gold can be a good compliment to the engagement ring.  Platinum has become increasingly popular nowadays too.  It is extremely tough and stands up to everyday wear and tear.


Being Practical and think long term

Your wedding band is something that you will wear every day.  So keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing your wedding band together.  Choose something comfortable or simpler ones that goes with your everyday outfit and something that trap less dirt.  For those of you are allergic to certain metal alloys, you can choose platinum due to its purity.



Assume you will spend 3 to 4 percent of your total wedding budget on these bands.  Think about it, expensive wedding bands seem reasonable when you divide it by the number of days you are going to wear them.  Also, consider them in both quality and style that can stand the test of time.


Do you want the bands complement with your engagement ring?

Some couples may choose shadow and contoured wedding bands that match with the engagement ring. Or simply choose the wedding bands alone if you are not wearing with the engagement ring.  Something that shows off your style.

A pair of 18K Yellow Gold Rings



A pair of Platinum and Diamond Rings