Choosing Your Diamond Shapes

Choosing Your Diamond Shapes

When it comes to selecting a diamond, one of the key factors is shape. 


Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape.  For almost 100 years, diamond cutters have been working with this cut to optimize its brilliance and fire.  A round shaped diamond with a hearts and arrows cut is much more brilliant than any other round shaped and fancy diamonds due to its cut.  Generally, a round diamond is superior to fancy shaped diamonds at the proper reflection of light, maximising potential brightness.


Princess Cut

The Princess Cut diamonds are unique and exceptionally brilliant because of the way they are cut.  It has pointed corners and is available in both square and rectangular shapes.  Princess Cut diamonds tend to be less costly than round cut diamonds due to less rough diamond lost in the cutting process. 


Oval Cut

Oval Cut is a modified form of the Round Brilliant Cut, elongated outline which sparkles as much. This cut has the same number of facets as a round diamond; it shows nearly the same level of fire and brilliance.  Oval cut may look larger than a round diamond of equal carat weight due to its elongated shape. 


Marquise Cut

A Marquise diamond is a modified brilliant-cut, elongated with pointed ends.  The shape of a marquise diamond can maximize carat weight, creates an illusion of a greater size looking diamond.  Its elongated shape makes finger appear long and slender.


Pear Cut

The modified brilliant-cut pear shaped diamond, a combination of round and marquise shape.  It is also referred as a teardrop diamond with its rounded end and its single point.  This elongated pear shape has the added benefit of making the wearer‘s fingers look slender and slimmer.


Cushion Cut

This cushion shape has been popular for more than a century ago, technically known as the Old Mine Cut.  This shape was one of the most popular diamond shapes before the invention of the round brilliant.  This unique shape has rounded corners and larger facets to increase its brilliance.  It is available in shapes ranging from square to rectangular. 


Emerald Cut

This fancy shape diamond is unique by the step cuts of its pavilion, its large open table.  The Emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect and with the interplay of light and dark planes.  When selecting an Emerald Cut diamond, we recommend a higher clarity grades due to its inclusions are easier to detect under the naked eye.  The Emerald Cut diamond preserves more diamond rough weight when cutting, making them less costly than similar weighted round or princess cut diamonds.


Asscher Cut

This diamond shape is similar to emerald cut diamond, except that it is square with large step facets, a higher crown and much smaller table.  It is uniquely angled and cropped corners that give the asscher cut a somewhat octagonal shape.


Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut diamonds characteristic has a unique style with trimmed corners.  A radiant cut diamond is a modified square shape which has complete brilliant-cut facet pattern applied to both crown and pavilion that reflect light from multiple angles.


Heart Cut

The heart cut diamond has become synonymous with love.  The heart shaped diamond is a modified brilliant diamond shape.  When choosing a heart, you should look for a diamond which is perfectly symmetrical; the two halves of the heart are identical.  The cleft should be sharp and definite and the wings should have a slightly rounded shape.