Care for your Diamonds and Gold


Care for your Diamonds

Diamonds are durable and extremely hard but they can still suffer from chips and fractures or when diamonds rub against other diamonds.  Diamonds have an affinity for grease or oils.  They pick up oils from your hands.


Therefore, we would recommend you to:

Store diamond jewellery in soft cushioned box and separate them from each other to avoid chipping.  Expensive diamond jewellery should be kept in fireproof safe or lock box for protection.

A soft toothbrush and warm; soapy water and a soft, lint-free cloth are the safest way to clean your diamond jewellery.


Care for your Gold

Avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning products since gold is a natural element.  Chlorine can permanently damage or discolour gold jewellery.


Therefore, we would recommend you to:

Avoid wearing your gold jewelry when using chemicals or while in a swimming pool or hot tub in order to reduce daily abrasions and prolong the luster.

Store gold jewellery in cloth jewellery bags or in boxes.  Proper storage will protect them from the elements of daily exposure i.e. scratches.

To be perfectly safe, clean your gold jewellery with a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft toothbrush.